Aug. 23rd, 2012

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A quick note to everyone.  Even though I know I've covered this several times due to recent event I figured I would go it again for everyone.  All subs in this journal are amatur, for fun type things.  They are far from perfect and they are really something I do mainly for myself and share with other since I already have the work done and don't mind sharing.  Translations are NOT done by me but by others.  Most I pay for, some I get from very generous fans of various groups.  The two main translators that you will see often Kiwi and Tetris have live or are living in Japan and have done translations professorially, other than that I don't have their credential and really don't care too much.  I like them, they are polite friendly, and both have helped me out :)  There will proably be mistakes here and there they aren't fans of some of the stuff I have them translate and I only know very basic Japanese to try and match everything up.  So please keep in mind these subs aren't the holy grail and are ultimately just for fun.  If you see a mistake or think the translation isn't what you would do please just take it for what it is a fansub from an amateur and move on :)  Its simply about having fun and enjoying various groups and music :)


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