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Don't be scared even though I say friends only you don't have to do anything except hit the add as friend button. I don't expect you to comment or do anything I have just locked the journal since it has a lot of download links in it.

Please read and keep these things in mind :)
  • You don't have to comment here to get added.  You don't have to comment on posts if you don't want to, although I love you if you do. 
  • There are no requirements other than have SOME activity on LJ, whether it be joining other communities, posting on your journal, something....anything to let me know that your a life person or at least  semi-alive XD
  • Please DONOT upload these videos elsewhere. I know you want to share but really I would rather you not.  If you do want to share them at your forum, blog, or other places please contact me.  I might say yes.  Most of the time I do, but don't just upload it to youtube, dramacrazy, or where ever strikes your fancy.
  • Scans are free to use without credit for making wallpapers, icons, layouts, ect.  If you want to upload the full zip fill please contact me first.
  • I do not translate things.  If it something that interest me I might see if someone can translate it for me.
  • Please use Kohaku for all source credits outside of LJ or in any unlocked post.  Lock post you can use the Lj-tag [livejournal.com profile] kohakuyume


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